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WVIAC Spotlight: Glenville State Uses Spring Game To Give Back

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Spring football games are a golden opportunity for football teams across the country to showoff new talent, debut new coaches, and excite fans. For the past few years, however, Glenville State uses its Blue-White Game to give back to the community.

"We have a pretty good relationship," said Assistant Captain Kevin Wiant of the Gilmer County Fire Department. "Coach has been really good about fundraising for us."

Since Head Coach David Hutchison arrived on campus the spring game has become a fundraiser for the Gilmer County Fire Department.

Hutch said the idea was inspired by former University of Michigan coach Lloyd Carr.

"I worked for Lloyd Carr at Michigan, it was kind of interesting. The first couple of weeks I worked there we did so many things to give back, and it taught and showed our players, our team, how important it was," said coach Hutchison.

Throughout the game firefighters collected money, which coach presented at the half.

"You look at a group, they work for free, they risk their lives for the community, so they give back every day. We're in a small, unique community, a good community, and I like showing the guys how important it is to be involved," he said.

The game also stood as a platform to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence. Kids, Students and fans were all encouraged to design t-shirts standing up for local victims as part of a local Clothesline Project. 

"It breaks my heart to think that anyone could do something so terrible and the fact that this entire college has banded together, I mean every single office on this campus has banded together to support sexual assault awareness month, and it has opened my eyes to how much people do actually care," said Glenville State College student Staci Moore.

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