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Test it Tuesday: Pocket Hose

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Many of you wondered how well the Pocket Hose really works, as did our own Jason Parrish. He helped me try it out for this week's Test it Tuesday.

The Pocket Hose is made of a fabric material that scrunches up to a small size that the commercial claims could "fit in your pocket." Jason was among the skeptics before we started.

"I have heard that the material is not great as far as durability," he said, "that it gets caught on corners and it can rip and it can tear."

Jason hooked up the Pocket Hose to a spigot in his garage, and the hose started expanding.

The hose started leaking at the nozzle, but Jason wasn't sure if it was the hose itself or the nozzle. Other than that, the hose seemed to work fine. Jason used it to water some plants and spray down part of the house.

To test the durability, Jason took the hose around the corner of the house, even rubbing over the brick.

"A lot of times when you use the water hose, it goes on corners and a lot of times it can get caught and you want to pull it back and forth," Jason said, "but so far the material looks ok."

We weren't able to kink or knot the hose either, as the commercial promised.

When it came time to drain the hose, it shrank right back to it's original size.

"Not bad," Jason said when we were finished. "If you're just going to be watering your garden or maybe your flowerbeds it's fine."

"It definitely lived up to what's advertised. It shrunk right back to the original size. I still kind of question the durability over time, but overall I'd give it a thumbs up."

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