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TACTICS Training Brings First Responders into Tucker County

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Training for proper emergencies is important for first responders, and they need to be prepared for all hazards that face them.

Emergency personnel from all over Maryland and the state of West Virginia were in Canaan Valley Saturday and Sunday to do some training known as TACTICS.

"It was born out of the need to bring quality training to some of our local responders whose agencies may not have the money to send them out of the county. Therefore the name became Tucker All Hazards Conference Training in Canaan," said Sandy Green, incident commander.

The training was setup for first responders with an emphasis on safety. About 140 fire, ambulance, and law enforcement personnel attended. The training was also open to emergency management, and other levels of public safety which Green said is good to get them involved.

"People we haven't thought about in the past in the emergency response business include health departments, your public safety and public service districts. Water, sewer, the county commissions all of these people have a role to play in the emergency management process," Green said.

Training included an emergency vehicle operator course, an advanced airway class, and a reading smoke course to help firefighters understand what a fire is doing and where its going.

Outside instruction included a basic ropes course to help first responders learn what do with the ropes, and how it can be applied in a rescue situation. One important component that was helpful for first responders that go through any type of horrific scene is critical stress management training.

"Our instructor gives you a whole perspective on the whole other side of it because we think we can handle everything, and sometimes we need that extra help," said Jennifer Lowther with Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department.

"This training helps me better understand taking it from the pastoral side as well as first responder side being able to help them process the situation they've been in, and they've had to deal with in that first responder incident, accident or whatever. It just helps them to get back on the job easier and quicker," said Mark Joseph, pastor.

Green said one important thing people should have learned from the training is the importance of being safe.

"The first thing we want is for people to recognize what they're getting into or about to get into, and make good decisions on the front end so that we don't have to go through injury or god forbid a line of duty death on the back end," Green said.

This is the fourth year this training has been held in Tucker County.

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