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UPDATE: Morgantown Runner Jamie Summerlin Takes on Grand Canyon

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Update: Monday, April 29

Morgantown runner Jamie Summerlin and two others completed the "Rim to Rim to Rim" challenge at the Grand Canyon in 15 hours and 45 minutes, according to Summerlin.

In an online post, Summerlin said "Toughest 45 miles of my life...but one of the most beautiful runs I've ever encountered. Great memories with great friends!"

Summerlin also called the run "epic."

This run was one of many Summerlin has scheduled this summer, his way of advocating for veterans across the country and supporting Morgantown-based services through Operation Welcome Home.

Tune in to 12 News for more on those veteran services later this week.

Original Story: Friday, April 27

Jamie Summerlin, Morgantown runner and founder of, takes on a new, epic challenge this weekend.

Summerlin and two friends will run the Rim to Rim to Rim challenge around the Grand Canyon, as another way to show support and raise awareness about our military veterans.

"I continue to take what I've been blessed with and being able to get out and put one foot in front of the other to honor them," Summerlin said.

Summerlin will start out on the Rim to Rim to Rim challenge early Saturday morning. They'll have 14 to 15 hours of running ahead of them through temperatures in the low 20's to the 70's.

"We'll start at about 8,000 feet and we'll drop down to the canyon right around 2,500 across the Colorado River," Summerlin said, "and then climb back on the north rim where we'll head back up over 7,500 feet at one point, potentially hitting snow on the north rim."

This epic run may seem like small potatoes compared to Summerlin's cross-country run in the summer of 2012, but he said each race has the same goal. He runs to raise support for our veterans, and inspire individuals and communities to keep improving.

"I just use one as motivation for the next and kind of have a mindset of I go into it looking forward to the next race," Summerlin said. "I enjoy doing these runs, I enjoy pushing myself and seeing how far I can go. For me, it's just an opportunity to be able to get out and continue to show others that there's nothing that you can't do."

Summerlin will be posting updates to his Facebook page and Twitter accounts during the run.

He also wrote a book about his cross-country journey, "Freedom Run," that is on sale now.

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