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Barbour County Parents Organization Presents Check to BOE

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The Barbour County Board of Education recently cut middle school sports due to budget issues.

On Monday, the Barbour All County Sports Organization (BACSO) presented a check to the board for $24,000.

This will pay for all of the coaches salaries for the next year.

The board accepted the check and signed a resolution saying sports would be brought back.

Lori Wetzel, the president of BACSO whose daughter is a middle school athlete, said middle school sports are very important.

"I know that it keeps her getting up every morning, wanting to go to school. During the off season she doesn't want to go as much. I know that it's an attendance thing, and knowing that she has to keep her grades up. Those are the things important to me and I know that she thinks about that also," said Wetzel.

BACSO is waiting on another $10,000 from a private donor to get all the money needed.

The board also addressed an insurance issue at the meeting.

On April 8, the board voted to remove teachers' and administrators' dental and optical insurance.

After hearing public comments, the board voted 4 to 1 to rescind the previous vote and reinstate the insurance.

Frank Caputo of the American Federation of Teachers said when benefits are taken away from teachers, kids suffer too.

"Little things like this can make a big difference in keeping certified special ed teachers in counties like this. And we also need to keep highly qualified service personnel people in our counties, too. When we start stripping them of their benefits, then we're obviously hurting kids, too," said Caputo.

The board said that it will have another vote on the insurance topic early in the 2013-2014 school year.

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