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Dinah's Boutique Offers Reasonable Prices, and Rental Prom Dresses

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Dinah's Boutique is a well kept secret in French Creek with more than 6,000 dresses in stock, and reasonable prices, it's easy to find what you're looking for, for any occasion.

"Prom, bridesmaids, homecoming, pageants, weddings, we have everything except for big guys tuxes, that's the only thing we don't have," said Melissa Walton, Dinah's Boutique.

One thing Dinah's offers that many competitors don't: the option to rent your dress, and return it.

"Mom's don't want to spend $600 or $700 for a dress that their daughter will wear to prom once. We want to just get a dress that we can rent and then take it back," Walton said.

While moms like the prices, daughters like the selection.

"I can usually just come to my section and find a dress I really love. It doesn't take me long, when I come its probably usually less than an hour," said Casey Burner.

Burner said that some of the dresses she got from Dinah's were used, and there was no way of telling.

"There hasn't been anything wrong with them, they look brand new, and that's what I love about this store," said Burner.

Dinah Campi has the secret to keeping the dresses look brand new.

"I have a machine where I can clean them. Rent it or buy it, it can be cleaned, and then re-inventoried and then it's a used one, so the price is cheaper since it's been rented once before," said Campi.

Dinah's Boutique keeps track of the dresses bought and rented for each occasion, at each school, so two girls won't be wearing the same dress.

Campi said she has a way to keep customers coming to her small business.

"I give a 10% credit for a new customer's first transaction. It's a way of rewarding the people who advertise for me," Campi said.

For more information on Dinah's Boutique, and directions on how to get there, visit the web site.

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