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WVU Students Show Support for the City of Boston

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As the quest for answers in the Boston Marathon bombings heat up, students on WVU's campus wanted to do more to show their support. They're bringing awareness to the situation in a unique way. Students showed how they are 'Mountaineers Tied to Boston.'

"it's just a shame and obviously I can't stop watching the news and just getting more information," said Matt Palmer, a WVU Student. "But it just feels great to see people on campus just rallying all together."

WVU Law student Jamie Chapman came up with the idea and then created an official letter to Boston. Along with that letter she is going to put messages and signatures into a book to send to the city.

"We wanted to do something to show our emotional support to them not just monetary so we came up with 'Mountaineers Tied to Boston' kind of with the theme of runners, tying their shoe laces, while tying our community to them to show our support," said Chapman. "More importantly this is a stance against violent acts that are affection communities world wide. Almost daily you hear of something like this going on and they're just coward acts that are unnecessary."

Those who stopped by the 'Mountaineers Tied to Boston' booth received a red, white and blue bracelet after signing the message for the people affected by the bombings.

The students aren't asking for money. In this case it's truly the thought that counts.

"It just shows that it's very important. People aren't worried about money in a time like this," said Palmer. "They just want to give support in any way that they can. If that means volunteering or giving up their own time and efforts, it's a great thing."

Chapman said they want to spread their message around the state and they're bringing their 'Mountaineers Tied to Boston' booth to the Recreation Center and Health Science Centers later this week.

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