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Davis Funeral Home Offers Cremation Services, Cremation Witnessing Room

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The Davis Funeral Home in Nutter Fort offers funeral and cremation services.

Owner David Bolyard said it was important to him that he be able to provide all services a family may need or desire after losing a loved one. That's why he added the cremation services.

"We've seen the trend of cremation on the rise," Bolyard said.

That's not the only trend Bolyard kept in mind when expanding his funeral home and adding the crematory room.

"A witnessing room for families to be able to come back and witness the start of the process of cremation," Bolyard said.

He said it's a trend that's popping up around the United States, but it's a new one for West Virginia. He said his home is the first to offer the witnessing room in West Virginia.

"For some people it's that final step that they can do with their loved one," Bolyard said.

It sounds morbid, but it's not as graphic as you're probably picturing.

"They'll just see the door actually go up and then the loader will actually go in. The loader will come out and the door will actually go down. The family never sees the flames, it's just so they know the process," Bolyard said.

He said cremation costs about a quarter of what a traditional funeral runs.

But families are also opting for a service to go along with it.

"More families doing visitation, renting a casket, using it as their cremation container, going through the whole funeral process for closure then cremating. That runs about half what a traditional service would be," Bolyard said.

Families also have options when it comes to deciding what to do with a loved one's ashes.

"We've had people actually buy jewelry for the ashes and they put the ashes in the jewelry," Bolyard said.

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