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Central Barbour PSD Shows Off Locally-Built Upgrades

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The Central Barbour Public Service District held an open house Thursday afternoon to show off the changes it's made to the water pumping system. The changes will make life easier, not only for the PSD and employees, but for customers, too. The system of pumps is now connected wirelessly, and automated to make sure they work efficiently. The automation also helps keeps the price tag on the system down.

"With any type of water system if you have to have someone manually turn them on, it costs much, much more in the long run, so automating that process is key to keeping water rates down," said Mike Masterman of Extreme Endeavors, who helped to design the new system.

And Barbour County has benefited in multiple ways from the project. In addition to better service in the PSD, the county's economy was strengthened, as the entire system was designed and assembled in the county.

"This whole system, from the circuit boards to the software to the metal work and everything was developed here in Barbour County," said Masterman.

The Public Service District has seen its life made easier, since the system will send text message alerts if something does go wrong. This allows staff to dispatch workers to fix any problems. Customers will benefit with more consistent water pressure and service throughout the lines.

"The tank level stays at constant, so the service and pressure stays at constant, so the service and pressure just remains a constant, so the customer just really sees a benefit in constant service with constant PSI pressure in the lines," said Valli Davis, general manager of Central Barbour PSD.

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