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GSC Athletic Director Talks About Work at Boston Marathon

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Glenville State College Athletic Director Janet Bailey works with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and was just down the street when two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon last weekend.

Bailey almost didn't take the job at the marathon, due to events on campus this week at Glenville State. And when she arrived to drug test athletes in the marathon for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, there was no indication anything would be out of the ordinary. And as she set up in the tents on race day, that held true.

"All of that went as normal. Everything was normal as always, the end of the marathon, the celebration of the winners, so that was as normal," said Bailey.

But that didn't last; Bailey had finished her testing work an hour or so before the explosions, and was just down the street in the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel when she heard the bombs explode.

"It was Patriot's Day, so when I hear the sound, I just thought it was a cannon or a celebration, and my husband was there, he thought it was an earthquake and he said, 'Did you feel that sound, did you hear that?' and I thought it was just part of a celebration, until you see the smoke and you realize it was not," Bailey said.

She and the rest of the crew and athletes in the building were kept inside the hotel for four hours after the explosions, and although she wasn't in the middle of the incident, she said some of the injuries she saw there surpassed even the worst sports injuries she'd ever seen.

"I can't imagine working in the medical tent and dealing with the injuries that happened that day, that were more warlike than they were... They were not athletic injuries, they were what you might even call wartime injuries, and that's a very frightening thing," said Bailey.

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