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Taylor County Organizations Raise Awareness To Child Abuse

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Statistics show another case of child abuse is reported every ten seconds and more than five children in the United States die every day because of it.

One of the easiest ways to help stop child abuse is to bring awareness to it.

That's exactly what some Taylor County residents have decided to do.

"My mother and father drank and did drugs when I was little," Keisha Marks, Victim & SADD Leader. "My dad died when I was about 6 or 7 years old from an overdose on drugs. I don't really know most of my family but I was lucky to be adopted by my grandma and grandpa."

It's a national topic that's all too familiar in Taylor County.

"It's difficult to access because it's a well hidden secret," said Carol Moats, Taylor County Rape & Domestic Violence Information Center. "Children are afraid to disclose because their parents are often the ones doing the abusing."

Child abuse can be verbal, physical, and even sexual.

"Anytime there is a power under control," Moats said, "it can be physical, it can be emotional, chronic name calling, alcohol and drug abuse in the family where the children are neglected."

While many people think there is nothing they can do, they are wrong.

Something as simple as organizing a walk can make a difference.

"Prevention of child abuse is also then prevention of bullying," said Joseph Solberg, Taylor County Breaking the Cycle. "And also a prevention of high school drops. Its an investment in the future."

The Taylor County Partners and Prevention organization held a flag raising ceremony at Grafton's Mother's Day Shrine in another effort to raise awareness about child abuse.

"We do it for the betterment of human kind and the people in our community," said Sharon Krafft-Deem, Taylor County Partners and Prevention. "Everybody can do something even if its a on a small level."

If you know of a child who's being abused, officials said it's important to contact local authorities right away. You could save a life.

Contact the child abuse hotline at (800) 352-6513.

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