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Former Employee At WV Veterans Nursing Facility Opens Up About Working Conditions

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"I have always cared about what I did and had pride in what I did. I just got to where there's no pride," said a former West Virginia Veterans Nursing Facility employee who requested that her name be withheld.

She told us it's hard to get up in the morning and go to work when you know you're setting yourself up for failure. After 30 years of working in a nursing home, she got out of the field because it was too much to take. She said she's not the only one who finally called it quits.

"Nobody stays. You have a few hard-core ones that hang in there."

Gary Sweet's father-in-law is a resident at the facility.

He said he's more than happy with the care he's given.

"I have nothing but really good things to say about the place. I'm sure it's like any other nursing home or facility, there are little problems or whatever," Sweet said.

He said it's not necessarily the caretaker's fault when bell lights don't get answered and when rooms don't get cleaned right away.

"They do as much as they can do with what they get," Sweet said.

The former employee said staffing is a big issue at the facility.

"The lack of help. The lack of caring for the residents. The cutting of the staff for the care of the residents. Two people for 30 residents. When we went to work there we were told we would never have more than four or five residents."

She said the facility tries to make up for that lack of help by mandating workers to work several 16 hour shifts in a row.

"It's nothing for everybody on a night shift to be mandated daily to work overtime."

She said she knew the facility would make headlines.

"I told the girls before I left. One day this nursing home is going to make the newspapers, and it has."

Another ex-employee started this online petition asking for change at the facility.

Read more about a resident's concerns here.

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