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Glenville State Hosts Gear Up, Hidden Promise Program Students

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Students from two different programs were at Glenville State College Wednesday to learn about succeeding after high school. Gear Up organizers said many jobs today require more than a high school diploma, and they want to be sure students are ready for that when they graduate.

"Our overall goal is to see more student continue their education after high school. We want them not only to finish high school and graduate, but then what's out there beyond and what do you need to get as far as an education or training to get into a particular career you may be interested in," said Regional Coordinator JR Luyster.

Students from Webster and Wirt Counties also took a tour of the Waco Oil and Gas office in Glenville. Luyster said exposing students to other jobs in the industry will give them a better idea of what's available, and what education is required.

"The reason for it really is because it's a hot industry right now, there are a lot of jobs available, and what I want kids to realize is there's still a lot of those jobs that require some form of education beyond high school, some form of training or certification," Luyster said.

Students with Glenville State's Hidden Promise Consortium were also on campus to see what the college offers. Glenville State president Dr. Peter Barr said he's happy to support the two programs, because they can make a huge impact on the student and the state.

"Just think about if you're able to change or help one kid, ten kids decide to go to college, what a difference it not only makes in their individual life, their lifetime earnings, what it does for the state of West Virginia. It's an enormous benefit," Barr said.

The Hidden Promise program alone mentors one thousand students across 37 counties in West Virginia.

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