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Roswell Flight Crew Attends Answered Questions, Test-Drove Drones at WVU

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Drones may be a topic of debate recently but not the ones that visited WVU's campus Monday.

Hobbyists from the Roswell Flight Crew attended a seminar to answer questions and test-drove their drone at the WVU Farm Extension.

The drones will be used by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to measure surface temperatures of cold water trout streams.

"Because it's got these six propellers and a very sophisticated flight control systems it's very stable in the air. It's happy hovering or moving slowly and what not. So, it will serve as a good platform for them to get the data they need," said Patrick Sherman, of the Roswell Flight Crew.

They hope the drones will bring back enough information to help replenish the fish population in that area.

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