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Firefighters Explain How to Prevent Brush Fires

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Harrison County -

On Saturday and Sunday fire departments from all over the area were called to numerous brush fires.

On Saturday there were eight brush fires in Harrison County alone.

Weather conditions are usually to blame for brush fires.

"A lot of times when it's dry like it is today, with heavy winds, it kind of increases as far as fire spread and stuff like that. Everything is dry so it doesn't take too many embers to cause a big spread," said Eric Dever, firefighter for the Clarksburg Fire Department.

In West Virginia, fire season is March 1st through May 31st, and burning is only allowed between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. Dever said the nice weather causes people to forget these rules.

"People are kind of getting anxious, with good weather, everything is drying out a little bit and they're collecting their yard waste. With the wind being as hard as it was today the fires kind of get away from them," Dever explained.

Dever offered tips for having controlled burns.

"We recommend that they clear out at least a 10 foot diameter area when you're burning a small brush pile. Clear the area down to the dirt itself, and have a garden hose nearby or a fire extinguisher," said Dever.

Dever said something as simple as a cigarette butt tossed into mulch on the side of the road can spark a brush fire.

For more information on preventing brush fires, or fire season regulations visit the West Virginia Division of Forestry web site.

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