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Water Quality Workshop Held in Lewis County

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On Saturday, a workshop was hosted by the Department of Environmental Protection's "Save Our Streams" program.

Glenn Nelson, the coordinator of the program, taught volunteers how to monitor the quality of water.

The volunteers got to test the quality of the West Fork River.

"We monitor water quality in the form of chemistry, so the PH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. We can actually tease bugs out on their pollution tolerance or intolerance, and we can score them and it gives us a stream score," said Nelson.

Nelson taught the class how to test the quality in their own backyard. For Jim Shreves, this is very important.

"Keeping the streams clean, monitoring, we want certified so we can teach other organizations and individuals. We need to keep our waters clean, it's the only water we have," said Shreves.

Shreves is part of the group, "Friends of the Hughes River," and wants to be able to monitor the quality of the river.

"We're wanting to monitor it, and make sure that we can gain and not go back with our waterways. We want to get rid of the trash and just keep track of everything," Shreves explained.

Nelson teaches these workshops all around the state, and he said everyone should be concerned with the quality of the water in their area.

"These people came here with legitimate concerns of water quality and about things going on here. They're doing this on their own time so it does show that there is love for the environment and the water," Nelson said.

For more information on the workshops and how to get involved visit this web site.

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