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Marion County Residents Hit The Streets For Second Annual 'Make It Shine' Event

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It seems as if spring has finally announced its arrival.

For some, that means walking on the rail trail, cooking out, or even just sitting on the front porch.

For more than 100 Marion County residents, it meant cleaning up the streets.

"We aim to pick up trash is number one, but to beautify Marion County," said Jackie Fitch, Make Marion County Shine. "To make the roads, the streams, parks, schools, a lot cleaner for all of us to enjoy."

Littering is a problem all over the country and Marion County is seeing its fair share.

"A lot of fast food bags, cups, water bottles, beer bottles," Fitch said. "A lot of trash, a lot of different trash."

"A lot of trash from college students such as beer bottles and red cups and stuff,"  said Trey Tessone, Fairmont State University Student. "But other then that, some other bigger items such as chairs and car parts."

Make Marion County Shine brings out people from all over the county to clean up the streets and make it more visually appealing.

"This is bigger than it was last year," said Kathy Wryosdick, Fairmont City Planner. "That we do all in a day is fantastic."

"You have to take pride in where you stay," Tessone said. "We are going to be using this earth for a long time to come."

People were located in every town throughout the county.

Even Fairmont State University students helped the cause.

"We are all on this campus every day," said Michael Pool, Fairmont State University student. "We drive by it everyday. We want to make Fairmont State look good in a sense."

While the event aims to clean up the county, it is also a way to address the issue of littering.

"Please just keep it in your car and wait until you get home or find a trash can somewhere else," Fitch said. "Don't just throw it on the road."

The long day of cleaning ended at the Wave Tech Pavilion with a luncheon donated by Consol Energy.

If you missed out this year, not to worry.

Make Marion County Shine will continue on for years to come.

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