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Taylor County Sheriff's Department Sees 'Great Qualities' In New Deputy

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What does it take to be a deputy?

The Taylor County Sheriff's Department said it deals with a lot of preparation, tests, and interviews.

An extra quality the sheriff's department was looking for was a young mind, and that's exactly what it found.

"He did so well on his interview, he did so well on his background, he did so well on everything," said Chief Deputy Robert Beltner, Taylor County Sheriff's Department. "But a young guy, yes. We were looking for that."

Just like most kids, Ryan Hall had a dream job. And now, his dream has become reality.

"With my abilities, I feel like that was the best career for me to go and that was the path God wanted me to choose," said Deputy Ryan Hall, Taylor County Sheriff's Department.

It took countless evaluations, tests, and interviews.

"A civil service test, a physical aptitude test, psychiatric evaluation, a background interview, polygraph, and a final interview from the board members, the chief deputy, and the sheriff," Deputy Hall said.

It didn't take long for the sheriff's department to find exactly what it was looking for.

"I think we did a great selection," Chief Deputy Beltner said. "He's caught on and does a great job. Once he gets the academy over with in July, Taylor County is going to have one fine Deputy Sheriff."

The past few months have shown Deputy Hall a brand new side of law enforcement.

"Hands on experience is always different from what you see on paper," said Deputy Hall. "Everyday is an experience, and every day I learn."

And you can never learn too much.

"A lot of people, their heads swell up when they get a gun and a badge," he said. "That's not what I want. I want to be remembered as somebody who helped the community, helped the people, and cared. That's more important to me then getting some sort of rank."

Deputy Hall will be attending the police academy in Charleston beginning in July.

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