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Fairmont Couple Hopes To Raise Awareness About Esophageal Cancer

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Something that seems as harmless as heartburn, could turn out to be cancer.

Esophageal cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the country.

About 15 million Americans experience heartburn every day and the fastest growing form of esophageal cancer is caused by heartburn.

It was several months of medications, acid reflux, and heartburn before Nino Mancino realized something was seriously wrong.

"Worst case scenario, I've got cancer." he said. "Where are we going to go, what are we going to do? The results came back. Yes, you got cancer."

From that moment on, everything changed.

"It was a lot of being there for him to take him to the doctors' offices, take him for the test," said Carolyn Mancino, Caregiver and Wife. "Just dealing with what foods to buy for him eat."

And if focusing on Nino's health wasn't enough, the Mancino family wanted to get the word out to others.

"To get that word out to the doctors, the medical staff, and people that are having heartburn: get it checked out," Nino Mancino said. "That's why its so important. One in 20 that will die in five years, that's a lot of people."

The Mancinos have even contacted Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to raise awareness about the disease. He has declared April as Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month.

"I figured if we had a proclamation from the state of West Virginia to help everybody in West Virginia to be awareness of how serious esophageal cancer is," Carolyn Mancino said.

The Mancinos are passing out fliers, bracelets, and posters.

The key to surviving esophageal cancer is early detection.

"I'm not giving up," Nino Mancino said. "I always tell everybody the worst it can do is kill me. It hasn't killed me yet so I keep going."

If you would like additional information on esophageal cancer, click here.

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