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DubV Safe Ride Hopes to End DUIs

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Eric Watkins is a Morgantown resident who said he hears about people getting DUI's too often so he created a company to help the situation.

Dub V Safe Ride was started by Watkins with $15,000, and a hope to end drunk driving in the area.

"Most people when they're drinking they don't want to depart from their car. So therefore, they drink and drive. Or they have to go to work the next day and they don't want to have to go back and get their car," said Watkins. "Now you get to keep your car with you the entire item while you're drinking… legally, safely, and morally."

The idea of DubV Safe Ride is simple. You call the number and wait for one of the drivers to show up on a scooter. The driver then easily breaks down his transportation. The scooter can fit into the trunk or backseat of your car, and then just get into the passenger seat and enjoy the ride.

Grant Blaisdell is a WVU graduate and said getting involved with the operation was a no brainer. He went to school for criminology and knows what the affects of a DUI can do to someone's reputation.

"A lot of the businesses will ask you if you ever got a DUI," said Blaisdell. "I feel like this is a good way to help out and still be along the lines of my major. And good experience too, good resume builder."

Rides cost $15 to be picked up in town and $2 per mile. Watkins said you can't put a price on staying safe.

"We're cheaper than a DUI, it's cheaper than a night in Doddridge. You don't destroy your car, your life, your career, your future career," Watkins said. "You don't get a DUI and go to Valley."

DubV Safe Ride will start this Thursday. They will be taking rides Thursday through Friday from 10 pm-4 am.

We'll have more about DubV Safe Ride later in the week. If you want to become a DubV Safe Ride member visit the website here.

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