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Tips for Keeping Plants Healthy in Winter-Like Conditions

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Harrison County -

Spring officially kicked off last week, but a late spring snow storm has some people wondering when it will really feel like a new season.

Some flowers bloomed a few weeks ago, and could be damaged by Monday's snow.

"A lot of this heavy wet snow on branches would break them off. Of course, that would be a concern," said Larry Campbell, Agricultural Agent for the West Virginia University Extension Office in Harrison County.

Campbell said landowners can help reduce that strain by lightly dusting off snow.

"If they are careful, and gentle, particularly with conifers they can shake off that snow load and make sure it's not going to break those limbs," Campbell said.

Campbell said flowers that haven't bloomed should be unaffected by the snow. Those that bloomed a little early may have a tough fight.

"In this area, snowdrops, things like that have emerged kind of early and this snow might affect them," Campbell said.

Other than weight, Campbell said a late snow isn't necessarily devastating for plant life.

"This snow will act like an insulating effect on the ground over where they are at and delay the emerging just a bit and so will probably help them in the long run miss some of that last bad weather that may damage them," Campbell said.

Most crucial for plant growth is temperature and sunlight.

"When the weather warms up and people kind of get excited because we're tired of weather and we want to push it. We really need to just be patient with it," Campbell said.

Campbell said planters should start their seeding indoors and keep plants inside until frost isn't a factor. He suggested waiting until May 15th.

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