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WV Raptor Rehab Center Moves to Bunner Ridge

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The West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) is getting set to open its new location in Bunner Ridge next month. 

The new 285-acre location has been in the works for more than 15 years. 

Education director Sheila Armfield said she can't wait for the move. 

"I'm very excited about the move, to be able to have running water and restrooms and also, it's a lot more easier to care for the raptors than it was at the previous facility," Armfield said. 

The center rehabs orphan, injured, and sick birds of prey, but WVRRC founder and director Michael Book said the number one priority is education. 

"Each of the birds we save, that's really important to them, but long-term it's the environmental education that has been a great benefit," Book said. 

Armfield said the education programs involve discussion about the bird in general, what it does, how it camouflages itself in nature, [and] how it hunts.

Operations director Liz Snyder said the center will be "a part of the community."

Snyder said anyone interested in learning about the raptors is welcome to the new location. 

The center's education efforts targets all age groups. 

"We go to school where you'll be a certain age group, but we also have public groups that are a little more challenging trying to deal with all the age groups," Book said. 

One of the most rewarding parts of the job for Armfield and Snyder is the release process once a bird is fully rehabbed. 

"I absolutely love seeing the birds come in injured and we get to release them back into the wild. That rehabilitation process is very rewarding," Armfield said. 

"When you see a bird come in injured and you're not sure you can help it, but you do everything you can and then to have that bird fly away is a very bittersweet experience," Snyder said. 

A majority of the funding for the WVRRC comes from membership and private donations. To find out how you can become a member, visit their website

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