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Seton Hill Bus Accident Hits Close to Home in Fairmont

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Sports have that unique ability, unlike many other things, to bring people together.

That could not be any more true in the case of the terrifying events that took place at Seton Hill University over the weekend. Local lacrosse teams are helping in the road to recovery.

"Lacrosse is a close knit group. It's a unique sport. It's an early sport," Fairmont Senior girls lacrosse head coach Jon Cain said. "A lot of kids are still learning to play it. It's a close knit family. So we told University what we were doing and they told us they would be more than happy to help us any way they could."

On Wednesday night both the University and Fairmont Senior girls lacrosse teams gathered at midfield to pay tribute to the victims of the bus accident involving the Seton Hill women's lacrosse team over the weekend. Among the deceased were the bus driver, and Lady Griffins head coach Kristina Quigley, who was pregnant with her unborn child. Morgan Cain is the daughter of Fairmont Senior head coach Jon Cain, and was involved in the crash as well. Jon says he recalls the horrific phone call from his daughter following the accident.

"She called us right after the accident and just to hear her voice. She told me, Dad I'm okay, but I'm hurt and I'm not as bad as some of the other girls," Cain said.

Morgan was a four-year lacrosse star at Fairmont Senior and was the first player in Marion County to earn a scholarship to play in college. The fortunate part is that every member of the Seton Hill women's lacrosse team is out of the hospital. But as well all know, the road to recovery can take several twists and turns.

"It's a matter of getting a chance to play because there's a group of girls right now that's not getting that chance because of the injuries and everything that happened to them. And I guarantee they'd love to be out on the field, but with everything going on they just can't be right now. So play for them, is what I asked them. I said, play for them and just think about them as you're playing, that's all," Cain said.

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