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March Designated As National Nutrition Month

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March is National Nutrition Month and dietitians are using it as a way to encourage healthy eating styles.

"This is to promote good nutrition to everybody regardless of whether you have some medical problem or just to stay healthy," said Norma Simbra, dietitian. "We emphasize fruits and vegetables."

Simbra holds a cooking demonstration once a week to focus attention on the importance of developing good eating habits.

"I've been in this program for several years and I knew Norma was having a special session because it's Nutrition Month," said Betty Markovich, participant. "She was showing us all these healthy foods and to eat some of the stuff she fixed."

Simbra said kids who learn to eat healthy while they're young, will carry good habits into their future.

"You have to be a good role model, parents especially," she said. "Show them it's healthy to eat vegetables and fruits, and eat together."

Statistics show West Virginia is one of the most obese states in the country.

"We encourage more physical activity," Simbra said. "It's not just diet. It has to be more exercise."

Simbra's class has helped many people lose weight and learn about nutrition.

"I was at 268 pounds," said Darlene Sickles, participant. "Today I weighed in at 214."

"There's a lot of different reasons people come. Mine is just being healthy," Markovich said.

Simbra said it's important to pass nutritional information on and that's what March is all about.

"This is a good place for them to learn good nutrition," she said. "I expect them to promote the idea to their children and their families."

Click on the link for more information on National Nutrition Month.

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