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Philippi Follows in Clarksburg's Footsteps With Demolition Project Format

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The city of Clarksburg has had a demolition project in place for the last 15 years.

Clarksburg's demolition project categorizes dilapidated and worn-down buildings and houses in the city, and the worst ones get torn down. This gets rid of some of the worst buildings and makes room for economic development.

Over the course of 15 years, almost 500 buildings have been demolished in Clarksburg.

On Tuesday, Philippi City Council met with Clarksburg Mayor Patsy Trecost and former councilman Jim Hunt. They gave advice to council on how to get this project started and be successful.

"Across the country, cities find out that they don't make any more land, so you have to use the available land you have in the most effective way. When you have vacant dilapidated property sitting on some of these areas it inhibits economic development. So this has been a win-win for everyone," said Hunt.

Jerry Mouser, the mayor of Philippi, said he invited Trecost and Hunt to learn more about what makes Clarksburg's program so successful.

"Its an ongoing learning process, but we want to deal with it and try to clean these houses up, get them out of there, so that it will make the community look better and more enticing to people who may want to move to the community," said Mouser.

Mouser said the city has started looking into some of the properties that need to be torn down, but for now it's taking its time to make sure it does it right, and he'll be meeting with Trecost and Hunt more in the future.

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