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WVU Introduces First Dance Major in the State

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Dancers won't have to leave the state anymore to pursue their passion. 

WVU announced they'll offer the first and only dance major in West Virginia. 

Yoav Kaddar is the director of the dance program at WVU and said, "the program has been around since the 1920s and finally to be recognized and approved on the collegiate level of dance programs is very exciting." 

The school only offered a dance minor up until last week. 

Kaddar has been teaching at WVU for three years and he's been working toward getting the major approved throughout his time there. 

"The main goal, ever since I came, was to get a dance major going. There's a very big need for it," Kaddar said. 

Kelsey McKinney is a freshman Spanish education major and is thrilled about the new major.

"When I first came here, there wasn't a major, there was only a minor. So, I was kind of bummed out about that, [but] when the major was added, I got really excited because I can be a Spanish major and teach and also have dance continuing to be in my life," McKinney said. 

Unfortunately, for junior biology major and dance minor, Morgan Lough, it's too late to become a dance major. 

"I'm a little sad Yoav wasn't here before me, so I could have the opportunity to be a dance major, but at the same time, it's so exciting to be a part of a growing major," Lough said. 

Lough said she definitely would have added dance as a second major to biology if she had the chance. 

"I would have loved to be able to have it as a double major, having the minor is so awesome because in the mornings or evenings I get to come over here and just dance, and dance all my stress away. It's great to have it as sort of an outlet for my creative mind," Lough said. 

Lough plans to continue taking dance classes in her senior. 

And, McKinney has already declared her second major in dance. She said Kaddar has given her a list of the requirements, and she's already well on her way because she's been taking dance classes since her first day at WVU. 

Kaddar said with the new dance major, "their priority will be dance classes and we can really invest in training them and giving them dance classes." 

He added that it will be much easier to coordinate schedules with students once they declare their major and that's the major difference between minors and majors.

"The big difference is that the majors will be ours, working with minors is very difficult because their schedules are busy and full with their major requirements," Kaddar said. 

McKinney is looking forward to continuing with dance classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and tap, and she said she couldn't imagine her life without dance. 

"My entire 19 years of being in the world, I've been dancing the whole time. My mom always said that before I was even walking and there was music on, I was bouncing to music," McKinney said. 

After college, McKinney is planning on combining her love for dance with her degree in teaching. 

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