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HealthNet unveils new medical helicopter at Cabell Huntington Hospital

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Cabell Huntington Hospital and HealthNet unveiled a new helicopter on Monday morning.

The helicopter promises to be the next step in getting the patient the care he or she needs when minutes are counting. The interior of the helicopter is much larger than the previous one, giving flight nurses the ability to care for the patient's needs the minute they are in the air. Previously, nurses would have to work on the patient before taking off due to the limited space in the older helicopter.

"Before, when we would get on scene, if there were any major procedures to do we would have to do it on the ground before we got in here with all this extra room. It will allow us to do things in here, which in the end, we'll have a quick scene response time, which means we'll be off the ground quicker and on our way to the trauma center faster," said Jeremy Higginbottom, the Flight Team Leader.

Another interesting aspect of the new helicopter is that it's considered "low noise", making it more neighborhood friendly.

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