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Dave Neese Speaks Out About Loss of Daughter

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It's been just two days since the Attorney General's office released a statement saying that Skylar Neese's body had been found in Pennsylvania.

The 16-year-old missing Star City girl was last seen on surveillance cameras leaving her home in July.

The local investigation quickly turned into a federal case involving the FBI who identified Neese's body, bringing full circle a parent's worst nightmare.

"I felt like someone stole my little girl," Dave Neese said Friday. "I felt like my whole world collapsed on me. It's just heartbreaking. She's everything to us. When you build your world around somebody, and it all at once is not there, it kills you."

For eight months intrigue about Skylar's whereabouts garnered attention from people across the country.

Dave Neese said the many rumors on her disappearance were tough on him and his wife Mary, but they never gave up.

"I mean there's always that glimmer of hope," Neese said. "There's always hope that things are going to turn up better than they think it's going to turn out but when they came and told us, that they, it was a lot of tears and heartache."

Since her disappearance, the Neeses were flooded with support. Neese said cyber hugs, and support events like vigils have helped the couple cope, and added that finding her body finally puts closure to one chapter, and allows them to move to the next.

"Like I told my wife this morning, we wake up each day, get ready for the day and do the best we can do," said Neese. "Unfortunately there is no guide book, or rule book or any other kind of guide that tells you how you're supposed to deal with stuff like this."

The Neeses have supported Skylar's law, a state bill that will mandate amber alerts be issued for all missing kids, not just those abducted.

Neese said he doesn't know if it would have helped Skylar but hopes it helps others.

"I hope nobody ever, ever has to go through the tournament, the pure devastation we went through. Skylar was our world and now she's not here, and it makes it really tough to get up every morning and keep going," said Neese.

The investigation into Skylar's disappearance and death are ongoing.

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