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Fairmont Residents Come Together To Improve City

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Fairmont residents said the growth of Clarksburg and Morgantown has slowed development in the Middletown.

The "Friendly City" residents are coming together to bring Fairmont back to life.

"I really feel that ever since I've been here, there's an energy," said Amanda Rohaly, Fairmont Evolves. "There's a positive energy. There's a sense that we all want to do something for the town."

A group of Fairmont residents meets every Thursday to find ways to make that happen.

"It's sort of an incubator for people who have ideas, organizations that have ideas, to bring to the forefront to help Fairmont with this social and economic revitalization process," said Wayne Worth, Fairmont Evolves.

The group discusses ways to use the resources Fairmont already has to make it more attractive to visitors as well as college students.

"Instead of focusing on what resources we need to find, lets look at what resources we have and lets take those and use them," Rohaly said. "Look at who we have, what we have. Just use what you have, where you are."

The group also wants to make Fairmont a town with a college instead of a college town.

"The college is very vital to our economic sustainability here in Fairmont," Worth said. "But we also want to showcase the town. We want to say when you go attend college here, here are some things the town has to offer to the students."

The group even plans to invite college students to meetings every Wednesday to share ideas.

"We can serve that community and maybe those students wont leave town every weekend or maybe they'll even graduate from college and say I loved my four years in Fairmont," Rohaly said.

The group meets at 216 Monroe Street in Downtown Fairmont every Thursday beginning at 12:30 p.m.

Its Wednesday experiment meetings will begin April 3.

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