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Marion County Commission Holds Public Hearing On White Hall Annexation

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A Marion County town is planning to extend its corporate limits by 19 acres.

White Hall presented a resolution for the extension to the Marion County Commission. It approved a first reading of the proposed annexation and it held a public hearing Wednesday.

Nearly 700 residents and 200 businesses keeps the town of White Hall very busy and it is no where near done growing.

"The Nichols Drive area and the Lakeview area came to the Town of White Hall to be annexed in for police protection, snow removal, street repair," said Jesse Corley, White Hall Mayor. "This is just part of the process that we have to go through."

It started with the first reading of a resolution and the next step was a public hearing.

Some residents said if they pay their taxes, the town will take care of them and that's really all the residents want.

"The benefits to being annexed in, the police protection would be the biggest benefit," Mayor Corley said. "Plus the snow removal and the street repair."

While some people are for it, others aren't as willing.

"I don't need those extra taxes and fire fees and all this extra stuff they want to add on to you," said Tom Lake, Marion County Resident. "I'm a country boy. When I moved to White Hall, White Hall was country."

Some said if the annexation is approved, they may leave the area completely.

"I'd probably try to get out of that place," Lake said.

The Marion County Commission will announce its decision on the proposed annexation at next week's meeting. 

If approved, it would go into effect immediately.

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