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Test it Tuesdays: Protek Windshield Protector

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There are still a few more snowfalls left in this winter season, so for this week's Test it Tuesday, I wanted to see if the Protek Windshield Protector could keep the windshield of a station car clear of snow and ice. I also wanted to see if a plain fleece blanket would do the same thing.

I tucked the ends of the blanket into the doors of an SUV and it covered the whole windshield.

The Protek has magnets to keep it attached to your car and they are certainly strong enough to do that.

The Protek did not cover the entire windshield of the pick up truck, though. I opted to make sure the driver side was covered, which is what I am most concerned with in my driveway every morning.

The next morning, a few inches of wet and heavy snow covered both vehicles.

The blanket came off easily and left the windshield pretty clear. A few swipes with the wipers blades and I was ready to drive off.

The Protek has a non-stick coating and the commercial shows the cover coming off easily.

It was easy to pull off of the truck, but it left most of the wet, heavy snow behind.

I think the Protek is best suited for light, powdery snow or ice. I had quite a bit of scraping left to do after this test.


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