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Lewis County Senior Center Celebrating March For Meals

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The Lewis County Senior Center was full of music and dancing Tuesday as the center kicked off a series of events for March for Meals, a campaign to help support Meals on Wheels. The center's staff said the program provides great nutrition for seniors in the county, but also a bit more.

"We have four different vehicles that go out on the meals, and a lot of people, we may be the only people they see every day. They know to watch for us from Monday through Friday what day we're going to be there, and also we do frozen dinners for the on Friday," said Karen Groves, nutrition supervisor at the center.

Those meals don't just help fill their stomachs, they also play a big part in staying healthy. It's a job that becomes more challenging as people age, and many seniors would be in worse shape without them.

"A lot of people would go without meals, and you know, a lot of them would be in hospital more often, because they're not getting their right nutrition, and they're getting their nutritious meals from here," said Tammy Bishop, one of the center's delivery drivers.

And it's a program that's been growing, even as recently as this week, as seniors and their families look for ways to help fend off hunger.

"I've had a quite a few this week so far add on to it, I've had people calling from out of state, saying I want my mother on, we'll say 'OK we can do that, we'll send it tomorrow,' and we do, we do it the next day," Groves said.

Regardless of the circumstances, Groves said she'll keep working to deliver meals to any senior in need, no matter what.

"I'm not going to let them go without a meal. There's not going to be somebody that calls me and say they need it. They have to be over 60, of course, but I'll never let anyone go without one," Groves said.

There are more events coming up at the Lewis County Senior Center this month. To find out more, contact the center at 304-269-5738.

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