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UPDATE: Water Truck Driver Facing Traffic Citations Following Harrison County Accident

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Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff said the driver of a water truck that overturned on a car last month in Clarksburg won't face criminal charges.

But Goff said Stephen Kuhn does face traffic citations for failure to maintain control of his vehicle and a stop sign violation.

He said investigators found nothing reckless or intentional.

Kuhn's tanker turned over on a car driven by Lucretia Mazzei.

Mazzei's two children were killed in the accident.


The Clarksburg police said they've ruled out brake issues as a cause.

They said the driver of the tanker, Stephen Kuhn, appears to have been at fault.

Kuhn's tanker collided with and turned over on a car driven by Lucretia Mazzei, 49, at the intersection of Route 50 and West Pike Street.

Mazzei and Kuhn went to United Hospital Center.

Mazzei's children were killed.

There's no word on whether Kuhn will receive a citation or face charges.


Clarksburg Police said the mother of the two children who were killed in an accident in Harrison County on March 9 is Lucretia Mazzei, 49. Mazzei was the driver of the sedan involved in the accident.

Police said it is unclear if Mazzei is still in the hospital or not.

The water truck involved in the accident was a T&S Trucking Company truck, according to police.

The driver of the truck said his brakes did not work properly at the time of the accident.

Clarksburg Police said that a preliminary investigation shows that the brakes didn't appear to be an issue.

Law enforcement is still investigating.

--UPDATE 3/10/12.--

Clarksburg Police said the children were ages 7 and 8. 

Law enforcement is still in the early stages of its investigation.  

--UPDATE 10:20 p.m.--

The accident happened when a sedan that was exiting Route 50 West and turning left on to West Pike Street collided with a water truck that was exiting Route 50 East and turning right on West Pike Street. 

--UPDATE 10:07 p.m.--

Two children were dead on scene, according to Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff.  Their ages are unknown at this time.  

The two drivers involved in the crash were taken to the United Hospital Center with non-life-threatening injuries.  A male was driving the water truck, a female, also the mother of the children, was operating the sedan.


Emergency crews are on the scene of an accident at the intersection of Route 50 and West Pike Street in Clarksburg.

A water truck was seen laying on top of a four-door sedan.  

Clarksburg Police, Harrison County Sheriff's Department, Clarksburg Fire Department, and Harrison County EMS are all on scene.  

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