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Weston Joins The Fight Against Bath Salts

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After seeing issues with illegal drugs growing across Lewis County, and within its own borders, the city of Weston is drawing the line against sales of bath salts.

A proposed ordinance would prohibit the sale of substances like bath salts and synthetic marijuana in Weston. But the ordinance would go a step further, and not only stop those sales, but fine business owners or the owners of the rented space.

Mayor Julia Spelsberg said it's a big step up in the fight against bath salts.

"You know when you look at the front pages of the paper you're just really amazed by the crystal meth, the bath salts and so we think by this ordinance that the penalties are strong enough that it will keep people from renting to any organization that would be selling bath salts," said Spelsberg.

Weston isn't alone in the fight, either. The Lewis County Commission is drafting similar laws that would help law enforcement stop the distribution of illicit drugs, like meth, and the Lewis County Sheriff's Department has made several meth busts over the past two months.

"What the ordinance is going to do is its just going to curtail any type of illegal distribution of the drug, and mainly it's going to keep it out of the hands of our children, from our adolescents, who used this as a gateway drug to something far worse," said Sheriff Adam Gissy.

And the effort is spreading throughout the county. The town of Jane Lew is also drafting laws against bath salts sales. Gissy said having all these groups working on the same issue is a big help to getting the job done.

"But I think through cooperation and through help from other agencies as well as our city and local governments, county governments, it's really coming together and we're really safeguarding our county," Gissy said.

Mayor Spelsberg expects the ordinance to pass after its second reading at the next Weston City Council meeting on April 1.

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