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Meet the Artists Behind the Maroon 5 Parody 'Law School'

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You may have never heard of the band Chocolate Ghost House, but the group is putting WVU's College of Law on the map with its song Law School.

The Maroon 5 Parody of Payphone has gone viral with more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

The song tells a story of law students struggling through debt, papers, and notes just trying to get by. The band's lyricist and resident law student Andy Loud said it truly paints the expectation law students deal with.

"If you would like a crash course in what it is like to be in law school, just listen to the song. And if you still want to go to law school, good for you," said Loud.

The band said the lyrics and music were in the works for awhile, but that it took just a weekend to shoot and make the video. The idea was developed by Loud after a law blog challenged students to come up with their best parodies about law school.

"I took it upon me as a personal challenge and said to myself, we need to do this and put something out there that puts WVU on the map," said Loud.

From there he took the idea to front man Tyler Murray, a WVU alum.

Murray said the group has had a Facebook page for years, but never produced material until Law School. He said it's grown beyond the duo's expectations.

"I write music myself, and I do cover songs and things like that," said Murray. "And to see this video do ten times better than all of my music combined was slightly depressing at first, but also showed we can do something different right now, something comedic."

Chocolate Ghost House doesn't plan to be a one hit wonder, the group said more songs are in the works and could be even bigger than it's first smash hit Law School.

To view the video just check out this link.

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