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Crites Electric Donates Generator to Shinnston Man

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West Virginia had its fair share of power outages in recent years.  For most residents, it's an inconvenience that comes with dead cell phones, uncharged laptops, and spoiled food.

But for people like David Signorelli it's much more than that. It's life.

He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 1984.  Doctors weren't positive how chemotherapy and treatments would affect him long term.  

Signorelli soon found out.  

"As it went on we realized my heart was being damaged by the Adriamycin," Signorelli said.

After a pacemaker, fibulator and heart pump he is still waiting for a permanent fix.  He needs a heart transplant and a kidney transplant.

In the meantime he relies on that pump, but it's less than ideal. Especially when the lights flicker and the power goes out.

"I run on batteries during the day, they need to be charged. During the night I run on the wall outlet. What happens at night, if the power goes out, I have 15 minutes to wake up, put the batteries in. And hopefully by that time they're charged up," Signorelli said. 

What David needs is obvious.  A generator would solve any issues due to power loss.  But Signorelli is unable to work because of his health condition and money isn't growing on trees.

It turns out, Signorelli got exactly what he needed.  Another heart.

"We're installing a generator for Dave here. We got emails saying he needed help and stuff. He's got backup batteries he's got to have all the time," said Rusty Crites, President of Crites Electric Inc. 

Crites electric completely covered the cost of the generator and associated hookup fees.  

"It means the world to me," Signorelli said. 

All David needs now, is a donor for the organs he desperately needs.  
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