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Tygart Valley Regional Jail Holds Inaugural Government Job Fair

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Tygart Valley Regional Jail in Randolph County has come up with a new way to recruit employment.

It currently has several vacancies that it is looking to fill and invited the public on Saturday for a Government Job Fair.

"What we're wanting to showcase is the professionalism and the dedication of our officers and the uniqueness of this facility," said Wayne Armstrong, West Virginia Regional Jail Authority.

The jail takes several steps when hiring new employees.

"The first thing we'll do is bring them in and give them tours," said Lt. Brian McClain, Chief Corrections Officer. "Take them back through the facility and let them see what they are going to get themselves into and see if this is really what they want to do."

For some, working at Tygart Valley Regional Jail is exactly what they want to do.

"A lot of people have different opinions like 'that's not a job for me, I can't do it'," said David Robbins, an applicant. "But, this is a job for me that I can do."

Once tours are complete, it's time for testing.

"We're doing testing today," Lt. McClain said. "Then they will come back to do a psychological and then we'll do an interview. If that works out well, then we will start doing a physical."

"We've got a number of vacancies here and we are prepared to offer people employment on the spot," Armstrong said.

The Tygart Valley Regional Jail describes what it's looking for in a future employee.  

"We're looking for integrity, leadership ability, and people who are willing to work," Armstrong said.

Jail employees said they are pleased with what they have seen so far.

"We had people here at 8 o'clock this morning before the booths were even set up," Lt. McClain said.

Employees hope the job fair will change the public's perception of what the facility is really like.

"The only time we ever get mentioned in the press is when something bad happens. Those misconceptions are what they are," Armstrong said. "We run a very professional operation here."

If you missed the Job Fair at Tygart Valley Regional Jail, it's not too late.

Applications are still being accepted.

You can contact Lt. Brian McClain at 304-637-0382.

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