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Film Featuring Local Law Enforcement Debuts in Morgantown

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Cheat Lake -

While the premiere of "Finding Faith" brought some famous faces to our area, it also gave some local heroes the chance to be on the silver screen.

The film is based on true events about a young girl getting kidnapped and brought into West Virginia. West Virginia State Police helped with this case and many others like it.

The important thing about the movie is its meaning and message that all people involved wanted to share.

"We got to educate the kids, so when they get on the internet they know what to do," said Erik Estrada, who stars in the film and also has police training. "They know not to give out personal information, not disclose where they live, don't accept gifts, don't go to visit anybody you've been talking to on the internet. And if you are talked to in an inappropriate way, you go to a trusted adult. Kids are not being taught this stuff and they need to be taught this stuff."

The movie helps viewers learn about the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and what it does.

Retired First Sgt. Christopher Casto helped organize some of the movies West Virginia State Police appearance, including providing two cruisers for shooting the film.

"I encourage parents to bring their kids out to see the movie. The parents need to see it too, it's a wake up call really," said Casto. "When I was with the state police, going out and doing community outreach on this topic, online child sexual exploitation, I realized the public really wasn't well versed in it."

The film was based around Michael Brown the Sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia. He made a special appearance at the film premiere and explained that these things are important for the public to know.

"It has a deep spot, a dark spot, a deep and dark spot and the dark spot is getting darker and darker," said Brown. "And people need to know what is happening to kids around the world, around the country around this state."

Estrada has been circulating the film around the United States to help parents learn the dangers that face their children online.

"The bad guy is just a click away and he's in your smart phone, he's in your living room, he's there," said Estrada. "They're in Facebook, they're in all these websites. You have to know what not to do you have to help us get Internet safety education in schools."

For more information about "Finding Faith," visit the film's website. There is also more information at the Internet Crimes Against Children website.

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