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Simple Saving Tips For Any Budget

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Whether you're saving to retire, saving for a new car or house, anyway you put it saving is not always easy, especially on a tight budget. But that shouldn't stop you.

"Well I think in all things it's important to look to the future. You're not always going to physically or mentally make money, but you'll always require money to physically keep yourself alive and happy," said WVU student Jonathan Meinster

Snow falls from the sky, money doesn't, but when it comes to our finances often there is unused money we have just lying around.

"We all have loose change lying around. You pick it out for your pocket and throw it into coffee cup on the edge of the table, or whatever," said Allena Shingleton, of BB&T Bank. "We recommend just to bring that in and use that money wisely rather than just lay around." 

Shingleton adds that a coffee can filled with change can hold up to $300.

But savings isn't about finding loose change, or utilizing change just hanging around. Shingleton said few tips can have you saving $1,000 a year. 

"Bring your lunch instead of eating out, cut a cup of coffee out. Instead of buying a latte at a local restaurant bring your own coffee. You can save $2 a day like that. That's $10 a week, that's $520 a year," she said.

And doing both can save you that $1,000.

Shingleton adds that your refund check is also a great way to start your savings too.

"They're going to have the extra money, and it would be a great time to start their emergency fund. Even if it's a quarter of that and put it away in the emergency fund to set that aside for their savings," said Shingleton.

West Virginia Saves is a coalition to encourage people to save money. Visit its web site more many more tips on easy saving.

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