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Veterans Trying to Save Aging Monument in Tucker County

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Veterans in Tucker County have voiced concerns about the future of one of its monuments.

Rumors are circulating through the community that the monument will be taken down and not replaced.

Tucker County has several monuments honoring veterans. But issues came up regarding a veterans monument in front of the county courthouse, and it was determined it needed to come down.

"The Tucker County Veterans Association received a letter from the commission stating that to move the plaques up to our wall, or into the annex or such not understanding or considering the fact that this is considered by us to be hallow ground," said Daniel Barkley.

The monument was erected more than 60 years ago. It contains names of veterans who served in Korea, Vietnam, and the two world wars. Barkley said veterans wanted to let commission know they want the monument to be preserved.

"They understand now and that's what the meeting today, we're going to the commission and present that to them that we want it here. Yes it does need help, so whatever it takes, but we want it to remain in that position," Barkley said.

Tucker County Commission president Mike Rosenau said the commission has offered suggestions, and it doesn't want the monument to remain in a state of disrepair.

"We'll get a definite answer from them on what actually they want done with the plaques so I'm sure we'll resolve it, but it's working together the bottom line is working together to honor the men's names that are on that wall," Rosenau said.

Barkley said veterans have always had a good working relationship with the commission, and despite some miscommunication, they didn't want to take a chance that it would be removed, because it would be more difficult to put it back.

"We consider it an historic monument, and the folks there are more than a name on the wall as the song says, we want to keep that way," Barkley said.

The county commission decided Wednesday to keep the monument in its current location.

It said it will work with the veterans association to make needed repairs to the monument through a committee between veterans and commissioners.

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