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Restaurant Road Trip: Prime Times

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Many people have heard the line, before: "Never judge a book by its cover."

The same applies to restaurants. And Prime Times in Weston may have more inside than you expect!

It may not look like your average restaurant from the outside, and in many ways it's not. And that's something owner Terri Cole said many people haven't discovered yet.

"The people around town think that it's just a bar, and it's not that at all. And once they come, in its like, 'wow, I didn't know this was here'. And I told a guy at a ball game, he said he'd like to have a good steak and I said, we have good steak in our restaurant. Where's that? That's not a restaurant, that's a bar," Cole said.

And to be sure, there is a bar inside, but Cole has put a renewed emphasis on the restaurant since she opened Prime Times in 2011. And it already has plenty of regular patrons, who know their favorites when they get there.

"My favorite is probably a panini or a steak hoagie and I like the steak hoagie with hot pepper cheese, and very well done. I love it, it's my favorite!" said Phyllis Corathers, a Prime Times regular.

And while we're on the steak theme, both Cole and Corathers agree the steaks at Prime Times are not to be missed, especially the prime rib. But there's plenty of options to choose from whether you're a carnivore or not. There's even offerings for the kids that Cole said gives the place a family atmosphere.

"We have lots of food, and we have lots of kids, and kids can come in, and so a lot of its family, and a lot of it's if they're not family, they're like our family, they're Prime Times family," Cole said.

Corathers agrees; she and her entire family gather at Prime Times for the Tuesday night buffet, and they all agree it's a place where anyone can go to feel at home and get a great plate of food.

"You can sit down, have dinner, have a drink afterward if you want one, or not, but you can bring children in, they're happy here because they have a children's menu, they have little prizes for the kids, you know, so I just think that I would recommend it to anybody," said Corathers.

If you'd like to check out Prime Times for yourself, you can find it on Route 33 in Weston, or call them at 304-269-1079.

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