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Self Defense Classes Available in Bridgeport

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Violence occurs everyday. It happens all over the world, and sometimes it happens to the most vulnerable people.  

We can't change our height, our age or our gender.  But that doesn't mean that the seemingly vulnerable can't protect themselves from dangerous people.

Casey's Black Belt Academy in Bridgeport helps train even the smallest and weakest people to make the right decisions and walk away safely.

The owner said the first decision is perhaps the most important one.

"You have fight or you have flight. In other words, you can run from the situation if you have that opportunity. But if you don't have that opportunity then you fight....You don't have to be big to inflict pain," said Mark Casey, owner of Casey's Black Belt Academy in Bridgeport.

Then there's the other choice you have to make.

"You're either going to be the victim or you're going to be the predator," Casey said.

Casey said that running away is always part of the equation. Once you're able to break free from your attacker, get away as quickly as possible.

Casey said your gut or first reaction isn't always the smartest and most efficient.

His classes train the mind to choose the right reactions, and the body to do them.

For more information on self-defense and other classes available check out this web site.



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