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Day of Resistance Rally Held in Clarksburg

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In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings there has been a lot of talk about gun control.

The Progressive Women's Association of Harrison County was filled with people joining in on the "Day of Resistance Rally" on Saturday. This was a national event where rallies took place all over the country.

"I saw a website called, ''. It said that there were rallies being held all over the nation on 2/23, you know like the ammunition. I looked for a rally in my area and couldn't find one so I signed up to organize this one," said Susan Monroe, organizer.

Monroe is passionate about preventing new laws that would regulate guns, so she organized the rally held at the PWA. She said it was set up because of all the proposed gun control legislation.

"All the gun owners are so unhappy about it and we have to stand up and be counted and talk to our legislators," Monroe said.

The rally was open to the public and any legislators who would come.

"I just wanted to hear from the citizens of the district and see what was on their minds and see what issues they wanted me to voice in Charleston for them," said Danny Hamrick, House of Delegates member.

Anyone who came had the chance to get up and voice their opinions and concerns about second amendment rights.

"It's a constitutional right to bear arms. The arms were to protect and defend, and you have to be better armed than your opponent," said Cynthia Linner, Harrison County resident.

Some of the public in attendance use guns for target practice; some for hunting and Linner uses her guns on her farm to protect it and her family.

"If I go out and I'm working with the goats or I'm up on the ridge, and I have coyote packs which are in our area, I better have more than 6 bullets. I have the right to carry, and if somebody is coming after me and is going to harm me or harm my family, then that is something I take very seriously," said Linner.

Monroe said she was thrilled with how the first rally turned out.

"It seemed like when one sat down, another one got up. And it made me feel great to know I started this," Monroe said.

Monroe also said there will be more rallies like this one in the future.

For more information on the "Day of Resistance" you can visit the website

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