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Mon General Hospital HealthFair Features Heart Healthy Cooking Tips

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The Mon General HealthFair is back and ready to help you live a healthier life.

Events kicked off Friday morning where the hospital's head chef held a heart-healthy cooking demonstration.

"One of the interesting statistics around today is that 39 percent of people think they are heart healthy, when in fact only one percent is truly heart healthy," said Helene Moncman from the American Heart Association.

Chef Nestor Gonzales grabbed some beans, meat, and vegetables to make heart-healthy chili.

Many passers-by gathered around for a lesson and taste.

"(I'm) always interested in that with our family histories' of heart problems," said Deloris Prugh. "You always want to do new things that you can do to be healthier."

The American Heart Association said cooking healthier really is simple and much of it is in the preparation and food you choose.

"A lot of people think in order to eat healthy you need to eat like a rabbit. Certainly eating like a rabbit won't hurt anything, but there are simple ways to adjust a recipe to make it heart healthy and tasty."

The AHA recommends using reduced fat products where you can, and avoiding all trans and saturated fats. Then avoid added salt and use few products that contain them.

"There are good fats and your body does need healthy fat in it," said Moncman. "We certainly wouldn't say cut the fat out. We just want you to eat the healthy fats and choose those fats that are not saturated."

There are plenty of other health tips at the health fair, which continues Saturday, February 23.

For more cooking tips visit AHA's website.

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