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Clarksburg Police Department Held to Higher Standards

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Law enforcement officers are allowed to use their cell phones while driving.

Some residents think they may abuse this privilege just because they're police officers.

"I would expect the same out of them, but I do think they get away with a little bit more," said  Nutter Fort resident Matt James. 

"Multiple occasions, I've driven down the street and I've seen a cop on his phone, whether it be on the phone or texting somebody, I think it's ridiculous if they're going to enforce it on other people and not do it themselves, said Clarksburg resident Mark DeCamp.

Chief of the Clarksburg Police Department Marshall Goff said, even though police are exempt from that law, "we're going to follow the law the same as everyone else."

The police department is currently in the process of installing Bluetooth devices into every police vehicle to make the roads safer for the police and the general public. 

"That does two things. It keeps us in line with what the public has to do and also, I believe it reduces liability," Goff said.

Wearing seatbelts is a mandatory law police officers must follow.

"The driving police officers have to buckle up and I can assure the public that the Clarksburg police officers have to buckle up also," Goff said.

Goff added that the police department is extremely "safety conscious" in every decision it makes. 

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