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East Park Elementary School Evacuated for 2nd Time Due to Odor in School

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Students were evacuated from East Park Elementary School Thursday for the second time due to an odor in the school.

Marion County Superintendent Gary Price said the students were moved to the school's annex.

Price said a gas company found no positive readings for carbon monoxide in the classrooms, but did find a positive reading in a furnace in the school's old wing.

Columbus Heating was contacted to adjust the furnace and D.W. Drake was contacted to install a liner in the chimney.

Officials said they were certain that these two measures would correct the problem, according to Price.

There was no school for East Park Elementary students on Friday.

"On Monday when the students report back to school they will not use that old section of the building," Price said. "It makes up about a third of the school. They'll use the newer section of the building. Some of the classes will double up, some of the classes will be in the auditorium."

Once there is assurance that the furnace is firing properly, students and staff will be moved back into the 1912 section of the building, Price said.

There are multiple furnaces in the school and there will still be heat.

According to Price, a parent pulled the fire alarm on Thursday while the students were housed in the annex building.

That parent's name, address and telephone number have been given to the local Fire Marshal for setting a false alarm, Price said.

Chimney Heating will be at East Park School Saturday, Feb. 23 to work on the furnace.

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