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Local Eating Contest Benefits United Way

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The Harrison County United Way held its annual hot wing eating contest at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday.

Last year, the wing contest raised about $3,600. This year, the United Way was hoping to double that.

"We're at the last two weeks of our campaign, so we're getting down to the finish line. We're probably about $3,000 or $4,000 away from our goal. Potentially, this could kick us over our goal. So it's very big towards the campaign," said Jeff Barger of the United Way.

Six contestants, including WBOY's own Tony J. Amormino, attempted to eat the most wings in eight minutes.

"They have three minutes for the hot wings, three minutes for the wild wings, and then two minutes for the Blazin' Hot Wings," Barger said.

Some of the contestants explained what their ultimate goals were by entering the contest.

"My goal was mainly to raise the most money, which I think I accomplished that. If I eat 30 wings I'll be over $5,000," said Ray Seech, who works for Dominion Transmission.

"My goal is 75 wings, I'm thinking 40 will win, but my goal is 75. I did 42 last year," said Amormino.

"I'm really not expecting to eat the most. I know Tony is going for 75; I'm probably going for 25. We're just trying to raise the most money out here," said Ashley Edison, a legal assistant with Siegrist & White.

The contest was a close one. Amormino won by eating 30 wings. The second place contestant ate 29. It wasn't 75, but it was enough to take home the win for the second straight year.

"Well, I'm not too happy with the total I had, but it was good enough to win. Good enough for a good cause, and I'm glad we raised a lot of money," said Amormino.

The total overall ended up three times as much as last year, at just under $9,500.

Seech raised the largest amount of money with $5,300.

The total number of wings eaten by all the contestants was 132.

The final tally for this year's fundraiser, including registration fees, was $10,000.75, according to Marie Battles of the United Way of Harrison County.

Barger said this is the United Way's largest fundraiser, and it plans to do it again next year.

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