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Test it Tuesdays: Insta Hang

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I tried out the Insta Hang in my Morgantown office to see how easy the process is from start to finish.

The tool comes with all of the accessories, which you have to load into the carrier compartment. Overall, that wasn't tough.

To load the Insta Hang, the spring in the back came out easily and the strip of tacks loaded in well.

When it came time to actually put the tack into a wall, I chose an area of my wall that's usually covered with a large map of West Virginia, in case there were any mishaps.

My first few tries don't go so well. When I "firmly push" on the Insta Hang, the tacks don't go the whole way into the drywall. It takes a pretty good shove to get them in and I imagine it would be even harder in wood, though the ad says it can be done.

I did find out that the notch for removing the tacks does work well, though and the bubble level is also convenient.

If you don't push hard enough, though, you could end up with a lot of little holes in your wall. They're not very noticeable, but if you do need to pull one out, it's almost impossible to like the Insta Hang up directly over the previous hole.

I hung a few five by seven inch frames on the wall and they looked rather nice. It might be difficult to hang anything delicate though since the pegs are pretty big.

Overall, I'd take the Insta Hang for a big project over a hammer and nails.

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