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City of Buckhannon Drafting Ordinance on Bath Salts

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The city of Buckhannon is looking at adopting an ordinance prohibiting synthetic drugs.

It has become an issue that both city and state leaders are taking a closer look at. Several communities in the state have an ordinance addressing this, now Buckhannon is hoping to join that effort.

"It sends a message that we as a community here in Buckhannon are taking a stand against the use or sale of synthetic drugs," said Buckhannon Police Chief Matt Gregory.

Back in April 2012, Buckhannon was a site of one of the most substantial federal drug raids in the nation dealing with the sale and distribution of bath salts, and synthetic marijuana products. Gregory said sales in the state are still happening.

"In terms of open sales, we see more of the synthetic cannabinoids, pot pourri, spice, K-2 is also what its known as," Gregory said.

Even though the ordinance is in its early stages to regulate bath salt sales, city officials and the community seem to support the idea.

"It shows it's not just a government action, but it's a collective action representative of the community by in large there's a great deal of people around this community that feel that it's harmful to our citizens and to our society," Gregory said.

City council will hear the first reading Thursday night at 7 p.m.

The second reading, passage, and adoption is set for March 7.

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