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Lewis County Veterans Honored In Charleston

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The Lewis County Honor Guard made the trip south to Charleston Monday for Veterans Visibility Day. It's an annual event at the state Legislature that gives vets an opportunity to make sure their voices are heard on issues important to them.

The honor guard's day began with ceremonies in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, where leaders on each side of the Capitol thanked the veterans for their service. While they appreciate the thanks, they also want to be sure the legislators keep them in mind year round.

"What concerns us is keeping the House of Delegates and the state Senate both concerned with the needs of the veterans we have across the state like the veterans' nursing home or the VA Hospital or any of the needs of the veterans," said Honor Guard Commander Bill Cayton.

And it's no coincidence the day falls on a holiday. By holding the event on President's Day, the legislature can reach as many people as possible.

"Many of our veterans have jobs and are off of work, and they can come here today, and we want to do this on a day when as many veterans as possible can be here to participate," said Delegate Peggy Donaldson Smith, who represents Lewis County in Charleston.

In the meantime, the veterans of the honor guard will continue to serve Central West Virginia in their new roles, and it's a job they take just as seriously.

"We just take a lot of pride and respect and honor is what we do as the honor guard. Like I said, we're all veterans, too. We served our nation honorably and proud," said Cayton.

Legislators in both the House of Delegates and Senate began their session this Monday with a ceremony honoring all veterans, including those who came to attend Veterans' Visibility Day.

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